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Does CBD Really Help Pets? And Is it Safe?

While we generally think of CBD products for humans - you know, tinctures, smokables, and creams -  it’s also becoming increasingly popular for animals. We’re talking dog treats, digestive chews, and even pet-friendly lip balms.  But is CBD *really* safe for pets? And can it actually help them with anxiety, seizures, and joint pain? 
We’ve pulled some studies, stats, and stories to help you make the best decision for you and your pets! 🐶🐱(Psst, the research is exciting!)

First, is CBD safe for pets?

As you probably already know, CBD does not have THC. Meaning, CBD doesn’t have psychoactive properties and will not get you (or your pets) “high.” Rather, CBD is known for its calming effects and feelings of general “well being.” 

According to a 2017 World Health Organization report, naturally occurring CBD was shown to be safe and well tolerated in humans and animals, and was not associated with any negative public health effects

That said, research is still limited and more evidence needs to be collected before any firm conclusions can be made. And like always, it’s a good idea to check in with your vet before putting anything new in your pet’s system. 
Note: the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) claims that pets can overdose on CBD products and experience negative symptoms such as vomiting and lethargy. Like any supplement, medication, or special additive, we recommend putting CBD in a safe place out of reach!

What are the potential health benefits of CBD for Pets?

Anecdotal evidence along with a few studies (both old and new) show there is excellent promise when it comes to the health benefits of CBD for pets. Not only is CBD associated with mitigated anxiety and pain reduction, but studies also show it may even help reduce dog seizures.

  • Mitigates Anxiety:

    In an older study in May of 2000, researchers found that CBD reduced psychotic behavior when used on animals. More recently, an article published on VOX  (May of 2021) featured a story of a dog owner using CBD to successfully help relieve their dog’s nerves before thunderstorms.
  • Pain Reduction:

    A 2004 study found CBD to have a noticeable impact on pain reduction. More than a decade later, a 2018 study found CBD to be associated with a decrease in pain for osteoarthritic dogs.
  • Helps Seizures:

    In a recent study of 26 dogs with intractable idiopathic epilepsy, about 90% of the dogs receiving CBD had a reduction in seizure activity.
  • Comforts Joint Pain:

    Research shows CBD could aid joint pain in certain cases, such as inflammatory arthritis. For example, a 2020 study found that CBD has anti-arthritic activity, which may help dogs by targeting the cells that drive inflammation.

Again, more research is needed before conclusions can be confidently drawn. But this information is extremely exciting to see and we look forward to reading more studies (hopefully) in the near future.

How to use CBD safely for pets

Interested in CBD products for your pets? Here are some do’s and don’ts to keep in mind and remember: you and your veterinarian know your dog best!


  • Always read the instructions. 
  • Keep your pet’s size in mind. For example, a golden retriever will likely have a different dosage than a chihuahua. 
  • Check in with your veterinarian first! 
  • Start small - you can always up the dose, but you can’t dial it back once you’ve already given it to your pet.
  • Mix into your pet's favorite food.


  • Do not leave any CBD products out in the open or within reach of your pets. 
  • Do not choose products with artificial sweeteners.
  • Don’t forget to check the ingredient list to make sure everything else in the products is safe for your pet and their diets.
  • Do not use the dropper to dose your pet directly. Teeth are sharp, and we wouldn't want your pet to accidentally swallow part of the dropper. (Especially if the dropper is glass!)

Veterinarian-Approved CBD products for your pets

Our pet tinctures were developed with Dr. Robert Prošek, a double-boarded Veterinary Cardiologist from the South Miami area. We are so excited to offer CBD products for pets that are made with the highest quality ingredients. We don’t use anything that we wouldn’t proudly give our own pets! Everything is manufactured locally and we hold multiple certifications so you can feel good about what you’re giving your beloved pets (read more, here).

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The Food and Drug Administration does not evaluate the products sold on this Website. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any medical conditions. Individual results may vary. Always consult with a medical health professional before using any product on this Website.