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Our Facility


Want to learn about hemp cultivation?
Want a BTS look at our facilities & manufacturing processes?

This 60 minute tour will satisfy all of your curiosities!
  • indoor grow for cannabis hemp plants
  • hemp based cannabis plants in indoor grow
  • close up hemp based cannabis plants in indoor grow


Our indoor grow provides an apex environment for hemp plants to flourish and develop elite-level flower. It also provides a safe environment from potential hurricanes and it is where we perform experiments with the University of Florida’s Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (UF/IFAS).


Our outdoor greenhouses are custom-built from raw materials for the South Florida climate. The plants are watered through our automated irrigation programs, they receive healthy airflow, and they enjoy Florida’s natural sunlight by day and additional lighting by night via our greenhouse lighting technology.
  • outdoor custom greenhouse for hemp/cannabis plants
  • outdoor custom greenhouse for hemp/cannabis plants
  • baby cannabis hemp plants fill up the entirety of a long outdoor custom greenhouse


Our  newly constructed 4.1-acre shade house provides a large-scale environment in which hemp plants can consistently flourish. This environment provides our hemp plants with a significant amount of environmental protection from the outdoor elements, while at the same time our hemp plants receive direct sunlight, natural airflow, and regular watering (via our technologically-advanced irrigation system).


Comprised of more than 70 acres, South Tip’s outdoor cultivation area consists of prime agricultural land that has withstood the test of many decades of farming, and has passed with flying colors. The land is now used by South Tip exclusively for the cultivation of CBD-rich hemp plants.
  • purple hemp based cannabis CBD CBG flower on a plant in the field
  • hemp cannabis plants are growing in neat rows in the field at the florida facility
  • south tip's hemp cannabis field in south Florida's summer sun


All of our product research and development is done here. We  manufacture a multitude of hemp-derived products (like tinctures, topicals, gummies, and hard candies) in our cGMP-certified production facility. We left no stone unturned in developing our production facility to stand among the very best in the hemp and CBD industry. As a result of our high standards, we also provide white label production and manufacturing services to other companies seeking to sell manufactured hemp-derived products. 


At our Farm Stand, we sell all of our hemp and CBD products, including flower, pre-rolls, vape carts, tinctures, topicals, gummies, and hard candies. We sell South Tip-branded clothing and apparel items as well. Our Farm Stand was purposefully designed to be comfortable and relaxing, including seating inside and picnic tables outside where our customers can relax and chat. We also utilize the space to provide hemp and CBD educational meetings and sessions for other companies that are interested in selling our products.