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Hemp Plant Rentals
For Parties & Events

Need some show-stopping plant decor for your next party or event? Rent our Florida-grown hemp plants!
decor you can't resist

Want A Wow Factor?
Be Bold. Be Unique. Choose Hemp!

Transform your party's atmosphere with hemp plants—lush, awe-inspiring foliage delivered right to your event. Our plants are sure to turn heads, with no maintenance—just a burst of captivating & creative color.
Photo Backdrops
Centerpieces & Decor
Ambiance & Vibes
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Hempify Your Next Event


Our plant rental packages start at $750. This includes:

  • 15 plants approximately 3 feet tall
  • 2 representatives at the event
  • 5 hours of event time + set up & break down
  • Transportation of plants to and from event

Customization & Lead Time

Since your plants are grown specifically for your event, we typically need 8 weeks of lead time. If you have special requests for size, quantity, or shape, let us know and we will do our best to accomodate your requests.

Other Considerations

Since hemp plants require a special license, we must abide by certain regulations. South Tip representatives must be with the plants at all times and a map of the event must be submitted to have on record with the Department of Agriculture.
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What Else?

Here is some extra information that covers most questions.
Lead Time
Our plants are grown and shaped specifically for your event. We typically need 8 weeks lead time. If you want smaller plants, a shorter timeframe may be considered based on availability and time of year.
Regulations & Safety
A site map and a full understanding of the event will be required prior. Our regulators require that South Tip Staff must be present with the plants at all times (to ensure the plants are not manipulated or stolen). We can interact with guests (product samples, booth, etc) or be flies on the wall.
Signage & Branding
All of our plants come with South Tip-branded signs and pot covers. You are also welcome to provide your own pot covers to match your event decor and style. South Tip signage can be removed for an extra fee.
Custom Quotes
We offer extended event time (even multi-day-events). Please note that plants cannot be left overnight for multi-day events, so set up/break down will be required for each day. Reach out for a custom quote!