The Southern point of the contiguous United States may be the last place you’d expect to find one of the country’s most productive CBD hemp farms, but South Tip takes advantage of this geographical area in South Florida to produce top tier hemp and CBD products for our customers.

South Tip sets itself apart from other hemp and CBD producers in that we take advantage of our proximity to the equator, which promotes multiple growing seasons. Seasonal rainfall allows for crops to be predominantly watered naturally, while centuries of water inundation and close proximity to the Everglades further the excellence of the soils; hundreds of years of natural soil amending gives South Tip a clear advantage and provides the foundation for our unique product portfolio.

In addition, South Florida sunshine and ocean breeze infuse the hemp flowers with flavors and profiles unavailable in other environments.

South Tip takes these advantages and incorporates them into a large, unique cultivation and processing operation that provides premium CBD-rich products to our customers.

Our hemp flower is farmed for a multitude of products, including CBD oil extraction, isolate, top-shelf flower, and raw components, to provide Florida and the rest of the country with premium product at reasonable cost.

South Tip has designed a multi-phase growth strategy that aims to be innovative and scalable, and to provide hemp and CBD products to thousands of customers in the years to come.

  • Phase 1 involves the cultivation of organic hemp on more than 110 acres in South Florida.
  • Follow-up phases can be scaled to more than 1,500 local acres and include substantial processing capabilities.

Intending to become the largest hemp company in Florida, South Tip has assembled a team with the expertise and know-how to provide consistent and scalable products to its hemp and CBD customers for many years to come.