South Tip is a consumer-oriented, environmentally conscious, and passionate member of the CBD farming family.

We pride ourselves on our ability to focus on quality and quantity while simultaneously focusing on market and consumer needs.  Our farm grows at scale, which allows our customers to obtain products at a great value.  We do not have to focus on one sector of the market, instead, we purposefully look to service our producer partners as well as retail and consumer clientele.

Our ability to produce year-round increases stability in our products and drives constant innovation.

Our team can focus on current production runs while remaining nimble enough to make harvest-to-harvest improvements with real-time positive results, ensuring that new and revolutionary products can be launched regularly.

Our Producer Partners look forward to bulk unprocessed hemp, hemp flower, and pelletized hemp products, in addition to raw CBD oils and terpene complexes.

Our Retail and Consumer clientele can look forward to our Private Label South Tip Hemp Blends for their personal use in daily life.

Each day our team looks forward to playing an important part in changing the narrative and misunderstanding of the CBD product sphere.  We accomplish this by taking full advantage of our opportunity to advance the cultivation of hemp and the application of CBD.

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