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Square Grouper Gift Box: Non-Euphoric

      Square Grouper Gift Box: Non-Euphoric

      from: $225.00

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      Introducing our Square Grouper Gift Box, a nod to the legendary lore of Florida's drug trade history! For the uninitiated, a "square grouper" refers to bales of marijuana or other contraband that were thrown overboard or dropped from aircraft to evade law enforcement during the height of the drug smuggling era in the 1970s and 1980s. These bales would often float ashore or be retrieved by smugglers in small boats, leading to the term "square grouper" because the burlap-wrapped bales resembled the pattern on the large fish.

      Our novelty gift box is designed to mimic this intriguing find, but with a legal twist. Inside, discover a treasure trove of premium CBD goodies, including delectable gummies, soothing topicals, and infused honey, carefully curated for your relaxation and wellness needs.

      Perfect for those seeking pure relaxation without any psychoactive effects.

      • Sleep Gummies (30 ct)
      • CBG + CBD Gummies: Variety Pack (10 ct.)
      • Unwind Tincture
      • Pet Tincture: Little Buddy
      • Restore CBD Topical (500mg)
      • Infused Honey: CBG + CBD (X oz.)
      • Mini Massage Oil
      • Stickers
      • Lanyard
      • Sunglasses

      Additional information

      Gift Box Type

      Euphoric (FL Only)


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