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Using CBD in Yoga

Many people struggle with being in the present moment, whether it’s during their workday, having drinks with friends, or when you're in shavasana. Your constantly running mind is not allowing you to fully breathe; you're too focused on worrying about the next 10 steps or items on your to-do list. 

CBD has shown great results in helping you relax and ease worry and anxiety, and it’s when you connect it to something equally as effective as yoga, that you can feel their synergy and reap all the benefits. 

Stress & Anxiety

You’ve probably heard the saying “stress is the silent killer” multiple times in your life. Most likely, you’ve connected it to work and finances. What about your day-to-day stressors like missing your alarm and running late, traffic jams, or relationship issues? These are all situations that raise our stress hormones, causing our body to be in constant alert mode. 

When this constant stress turns chronic, that’s when we start feeling overwhelmed and under a lot of pressure, with an inability to fully focus on the task at hand. Sometimes, it can lead to very shallow breathing and potentially peak as something more serious and scary like an anxiety attack

Even though getting to the point of an anxiety attack builds up over time, the more we allow for stress to govern our lives, the greater the possibility of experiencing it. Stress and anxiety may be two different things, but they show up in our bodies in almost the same way. They’re both powerfully emotional and mental reactions in the human body that have a strong impact on our health and wellbeing, causing inflammation and lowering the function of our immune system. 

Stress may be triggered by an outside situation or event, but anxiety builds from the inside, exacerbated by a stressful or traumatic event. When we don’t know how to deal with these strong experiences, we allow them to wreak havoc on our entire system. 

Stress, Anxiety, and CBD

Studies have shown the potential of CBD in helping ease anxiety and reduce stress, and it’s one of the main reasons people use it in today's world. When we should be relaxing and unwinding is when we’re struggling the most, and it shows up in our sleep quality and other relaxing activities such as yoga. 

Many people use CBD to help them sleep better and studies show how it has a positive effect on insomnia, REM sleep behavior disorder, and excessive daytime sleepiness disorder. Those who take CBD on the regular really do experience improved sleep quality and duration, with reduced restlessness and insomnia, and a greater ability to fall back asleep once they’ve awoken. 

That’s why we’re seeing more and more CBD consumers using this wonderful plant-based compound for other relaxing activities such as yoga, meditation, and even Netflix and chill. 

CBD and Yoga

The main components of yoga can be divided into physical and mental. The physical aspect involves the actual movement and asanas, some of which you hold for longer periods of time and some of which you move through, allowing for the flow to generate through your body and move energy in a positive way. 

The goal of the physical is to cleanse the body and clear the mind, leaving nothing but a healthy environment for energy to freely flow. This is further stimulated by a hot room as a novelty that was introduced to yoga in early 1970. As a practice, yoga has been around for thousands of years, helping cleanse the body to access the spiritual and mental components. 

Even if you’re not in it for the mental clarity, it’s one of the unintentional side effects you are bound to experience. If you really focus on staying in the present moment by allowing yourself to fully breathe, you will find the relaxation so intoxicating, it brings you back on your mat session after session. 

CBD can help you relax and ease the anxiety that accompanies you to class. It can help prepare you for your practice and allow you to focus on your breath to guide you through the poses. You'll be able to feel your shoulders finally relax and the space between your eyebrows lose tension. 

It can also help reduce pain and inflammation, so if you’re doing yoga with the goal of increasing your flexibility, mobility, and easing painful joints, CBD can be a very efficient ally in helping you combat these uncomfortable sensations. 

Lastly, it may help increase your serotonin levels and prolong the moments of peace and bliss once you’re in your shavasana. Shavasana is a pose you’re supposed to completely relax in and let go. Let go of expectations, let go of your to-do list, let go of stress, and even let go of the physically demanding class you just had.

Instead, when we’re stressed out and anxious, it’s a moment when everything comes flooding in, becoming extremely overwhelming and sometimes leading to intense emotions. That’s where CBD can be effective, helping you turn your focus to your breathing, sense what’s happening in your body at any given moment, and allow yourself to feel heavy on your mat like you’ll melt into the ground. 

Final Thoughts

Yoga and CBD have the same goal in mind but work through different mediums. Using them together can really allow you to find some peace and relaxation, reduce your stress and anxiety, and calm down the racing mind allowing you to breathe deep into your belly and recharge your batteries for whatever happens next. 

What type of CBD product you’ll go for depends on your experience, tolerance, and preference, but if you’ve never tried yoga with CBD before, start with a small sublingual dose and slowly increase over time or as needed. 

If you want to learn more about what type of CBD or D8 product might be right for you, check out our blog that compares edibles and tinctures!

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