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CBD Gummies: What Makes Ours Different

If you're a fan of CBD gummies, you know that not all gummies are created equal. At South Tip, we take pride in offering a unique gummy experience that stands out from the rest. Wondering what makes our CBD gummies different? Read on to discover the exceptional qualities that set our gummies apart.

Benefits of CBD-Infused Gummies

CBD-infused gummies offer a delightful and effective way to incorporate the potential benefits of CBD into your daily routine, that is 100% smoke-free. From long-lasting effects to improved sleep quality, these tasty treats provide a convenient and enjoyable avenue for enhancing your overall well-being. Let’s see the main benefits of CBD-infused gummies:

Convenient and tasty

CBD gummies provide a convenient and enjoyable way to incorporate cannabidiol into your routine. With a variety of flavors and shapes, they make CBD consumption a treat for your taste buds.

Improved sleep quality

Many people struggle with sleep-related issues, and CBD has been shown to have a calming effect that may promote better sleep. Taking CBD-infused gummies before bedtime can contribute to a more restful night.

Non-psychoactive (but psychoactive is still an option, check out D8)

Unlike THC, CBD is non-psychoactive, meaning it won't induce a "high" sensation. CBD gummies allow users to experience the therapeutic benefits of CBD without altering their mental state. If you do want to opt in for a euphoric experience, check out products that contain delta 8!

Precise dosage

CBD gummies come in pre-dosed servings, providing precise control over your CBD intake. This makes it easier for users to monitor and adjust their dosage according to their individual needs.

Long-lasting effects

The nature of gummies allows for a slow release of CBD into the bloodstream, offering prolonged effects compared to some other forms of CBD consumption. This sustained release can contribute to a more stable and enduring experience.

The Best Vegan CBD Gummies are Pectin-Based, Not Tapioca

Our commitment to inclusivity and wellness is evident in our dedication to make as many products vegan as possible. Unlike many others on the market that use gelatin, ours are pectin-based. You might be curious about tapioca-based gummies (as this is another vegan alternative to gelatin), but we've chosen pectin for a reason. Tapioca gummies can have a different texture, sometimes described as a bit "wet." It's akin to the contrast between a super firm piece of jello and the familiar texture of Sour Patch Kids or those delightful orange-slice gummy candies.

CBD Gummies with No Artificial Colors

Our CBD gummies proudly boast no artificial colors for those with allergens in mind. Many mainstream gummies contain dyes like Red 40, a common allergen. We've opted for a more natural approach; dye-free CBD gummies ensure everyone can enjoy our delicious treats without worry. Using natural colors does mean that our gummies are less vibrant, so you will only see more subtle colors rather than bright, neon colors. 

CBD Gummies with No Artificial Flavors 

To further prove our all-natural CBD gummies policy, we’ve decided to take things a step further, which is why we've also excluded artificial flavors from our recipe. Our broad spectrum CBD gummies provide an authentic taste without relying on "fake-tasting" synthetic additives, allowing you to savor the true essence of our premium CBD edibles.

Handmade CBD Gummies in Florida

Craftsmanship matters. Our CBD gummies are meticulously handmade in small batches, ensuring attention to detail and quality control at every step. We take pride in being a brand that creates its own products rather than relying on white-labeling. This dedication to authenticity is what makes our CBD gummies truly stand out.

100% CBD Infused Gummies - No Spraying, Rolling, or Injecting

When it comes to quality, we do not cut corners. Our CBD gummies are 100% infused; we were adamant about not partaking in the common practice of spraying, rolling, or injecting. As mentioned before, competitors purchase gummies in bulk, and then use these tactics (spraying, rolling, or injecting) to “infuse” them. True infusion means mixing the cannabinoids in before the gummies are made. This allows the CBD to be evenly distributed throughout each gummy, ensuring a consistent and reliable dosage every time (and there also won’t be bitter pockets of cannabinoids).

CBD Gummies Certifications

Our manufacturing facility holds prestigious certifications that set us apart in the CBD industry. We are proud to be HFE Hemp Food Establishment, CSQ, and cGMP certified. These certifications signify our commitment to producing high-quality, safe, and consistent products. Unlike many CBD companies that purchase from manufacturers, our CBD-infused gummies are crafted in a facility that meets the highest industry standards. We’re proud to say that we produce the best all-natural CBD gummies in Florida.

What’s the HFE Hemp Food Establishment Certification? It’s particularly relevant in the context of CBD and hemp-infused products as it attests that our facility meets the necessary criteria to safely handle hemp as a food ingredient, assuring consumers that the hemp-derived products they purchase from our company are produced in compliance with food safety regulations.

What’s the CSQ certificate? Obtaining CSQ (Cannabis Safety & Quality) certification signifies that our company has implemented and maintains a robust quality management system. This includes processes for product quality control, customer satisfaction, and continuous improvement. CSQ certification is our mark of commitment to delivering high-quality products and services.

What’s the cGMP certificate? The cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices) certification is crucial in the pharmaceutical, dietary supplement, and food industries. It ensures that our manufacturing processes follow specific guidelines to produce products that meet quality standards, are safe for consumption, and are consistently manufactured with integrity. cGMP certification is particularly relevant in the CBD industry, where product quality and safety are paramount.

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The Food and Drug Administration does not evaluate the products sold on this Website. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any medical conditions. Individual results may vary. Always consult with a medical health professional before using any product on this Website.