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Your Guide to CBD for Cats

If you believe that animals make your life better and have a feline companion or two, you know that it can sometimes be challenging. Cats can have a difficult time adjusting to new environments, can be scared of their litter boxes, be overly vocal, react aggressively towards your house guests, or have general anxiety. If you’re struggling with any of that, we might have something for you to try.

CBD Oil for Cats

CBD Oil is a natural supplement derived from the cannabis plant. It does not produce a psychoactive high but interacts with the cat's endocannabinoid system, which is a network of receptors that maintain different physiological functions such as mood, appetite, and sleep.

CBD oil for cats is usually extracted from hemp, which has very low levels of THC, if any at all. CBD oil for cats is specially made to contain high levels of CBD and minimal to no THC, making it safe for pets. 

CBD oil is a natural way to support your cat's physical and emotional health. Incorporating it into your cat's daily supplement intake can be extremely beneficial and will help your four-legged companion live a healthier and happier life.

Can Cats Take CBD?

CBD is considered safe for cats. If you’re thinking of including it in your pet’s routine, we're sure you already did plenty of research on its effects and benefits, many of which we cover below. 

When giving your cat CBD, it’s important to always make sure you're using proper measurements for accurate dosing to avoid giving your cat too much. Before making a final decision, consult with a veterinarian who knows your cat, go through all the pros and cons, discuss doses, and make sure to purchase safe products made specifically for animal use. Don’t forget to check whether the COA (Certificate of Authenticity) matches the ingredients! At the end of the day, CBD for cats can be a great natural solution to many problems your pet experiences without side effects that can harm them.

CBD for Cats Use Cases

It’s important that you know that CBD is not the same as THC. Even though they can be extracted from the same plant, CBD does not have psychoactive properties, it only provides mild relaxation and is well known for its many wellness benefits. Believe it or not, those benefits don’t apply only to humans, they can also help your four-legged friends.

You can improve your cat’s quality of life with CBD’s calming effect, but it can also be helpful for many issues that cat owners face.

Pain and mobility

If your cat is struggling with moving around while recovering from surgery or due to joint problems, CBD can help reduce the stress response to pain and promote mobility. With its anti-inflammatory properties, it’s also a perfect choice for senior cats, as it can promote comfort and mobility.


Your cat can experience stress just as you do. Going to the vet, adjusting to a new home, or getting used to a new animal in the house can cause your cat to hide, meow excessively, and do their business outside the litter box. CBD for cats and its calming properties can provide your pet with some much-needed relaxation and make them more comfortable and mellow.


Cats can be very picky eaters, which could cause them to lose quite a bit of weight quickly. CBD products for cats can help stimulate their appetite and provide the needed motivation for food to keep them healthy and happy.


There isn’t much research on this yet, but many cat owners have noticed that CBD has a positive effect on their cats who suffer from epilepsy. In humans, CBD has been approved by the FDA as a treatment for seizures. We don't know if it has the same effect on felines, but check in with your veterinarian to see if adding CBD to your current management strategy would be a good option.


If your cat is on the grumpier side or stressed easily, CBD can boost mood, promote feelings of happiness, and calm them, which gives you a perfect opportunity to get all the much-needed snuggles. 

How to Give Your Cat CBD Products

The best and easiest solution when giving cats CBD is oil. You can administer CBD oil directly into the cat's mouth using a dropper (as long as the dropper is plastic–no glass droppers should be near any pet’s mouth) or simply drizzle it over their food or favorite treat. If your cat is finicky with its food, a flavorless option may be best to avoid any fussiness. 

CBD oil dosage will vary depending on the cat, so it is recommended that you speak to your vet and do your research. It’s important that the dose addresses your cat's specific needs and that it is given regularly for maximum effect. As always, it’s best to start with a lower dose and work your way up based on the results.

CBD for Cats as Alternative to Melatonin

If your cat is restless and you’re not sure whether melatonin is a good option, CBD may be the perfect alternative you’ve been looking for! Besides having a positive effect on mood, anxiety, and mobility, CBD can also help cats with sleep. Your cat can be as calm as ever without experiencing any further side effects, like you may with melatonin. 

Can You Give Cats Melatonin?

You can give your cat melatonin, but there aren't many versions of it specifically made for cats. This can be dangerous because a melatonin product made for a human may contain ingredients that aren’t safe for cats. We don’t recommend melatonin for anyone, humans included, because it is extremely easy to take too much. Learn more about why melatonin isn’t a long term solution here. CBD is probably a better choice, because there are versions specifically formulated for your furry friend. Just like anything, keep in mind that the dosage isn’t the same as for humans. It depends on your cat’s health, weight, and age. 

Side effects of melatonin for cats can include stomach issues, appetite changes, extreme weight changes, and even fertility changes. Compared to melatonin, CBD for cats shouldn’t produce any extreme side effects, if any at all. 

Choose the Right CBD Products for Your Cat

To give your cat CBD products that are going to do a great job at keeping them healthy and happy, it’s important only to choose products that contain CBD oil without any psychoactive properties. You don’t want a stoned furball, do you? Besides containing oil, CBD for cats should also have clean ingredients and be thoroughly tested. Fewer ingredients listed, the better!

And we just may have a perfect product that ticks all the boxes - Pet CBD Tinctures. It’s a calming and relaxing agent that soothes anxious pets and makes pain management easier. It’s especially good for elderly pets to improve their overall well-being and quality of life. 

The Food and Drug Administration does not evaluate the products sold on this Website. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any medical conditions. Individual results may vary. Always consult with a medical health professional before using any product on this Website.